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Freelance Artist/ Entrepreneur

Favorite Color: purple, black, red, white, neutral colors
Worst Color: pink
Favorite Number: 1, 2, 6, 7, 18, 69
Favorite Animal: fish, turtle, dog
Least Favorite Animal: insects
Favorite Flower: roses, chrysanthemums, orchids
Favorite Food: japanese food, korean food, vietnamese food curry, strawberries, apples, dark chocolate
Worst Food: bittermelon, eggplant
Favorite Junk Food: potato chips, flaming hot cheetohs puffs, cheese puffs, strawberry pocky, see's candy, french fries, animal crackers
Worst Junk Food: anything that is absurdly sweet, nasty!
Favorite Restaraunt: sasabune, king taco
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: coffee, green tea, mochi icecream, pinkberry, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, butter pecan
Favorite Candy: peach/ apple o's, strawberry puffs, caramel corn puffs, popcorn, gummie worms, sour candies
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: chocolate cake shots, grey goose vodka w/ lemon & extra olives, stella artois, blue moon w/ orange, sapparo, barcadi silver, asahi, heineiken
Favorite NON Alcoholic Drink: water, apple juice, calipico, ramune, sprite, green tea, passion tea, iced lemon tea, raspberry iced tea, fruit juice
Worst Alcoholic Drink: most beers
Worst NON Alcoholic Drink: star fruit juice, WTF is that salty madness!?
Favorite Genre of Music: 80s, Hard Rock, Speed Metal, Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal, Rock, Metal, Nu Metal, Classic Rock, Visual Kei, Angura Kei, Indies, Alternative Rock, Experimental
Worst Genre: Country
Favorite Band/Artist: Versailles, Lynch., Duel Jewel, D, D'espairs Ray, Girugamesh, Ayabie, Kagrra,, Sex Machine Guns, Vidoll, Dio: Distraught Overlords, Galneryus, Black Label Society, Black Sabbath, Helloween, Stratovarious, Pantera, Ne-Yo, Rihanna, Madonna, etc.
Favorite Book: children's books, Lord of the Rings series, Chronicles of Narnia series, pop up books, food books, World's Guiness Records
Favorite Type of Movie: Asian horror, Documentaries, True to life stories, Action, Blood & Gore, Comedies, Science Fiction
Favorite Movie: Definitely, Maybe , Dan in Real Life, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Aladdin
Favorite TV Show: House, Food Network, Dirty Jobs, Man Vs. Food, Man Vs. Wild, National Geographic Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, Hey Hey Hey! Music Champ, JDramas, KDramas, Anime
Favorite Season of the Year: Winter and Fall
Worst Season: Spring, the allergies and sickness!
Favorite Day of the Week: Weekends and Holidays
Least Favorite Day of the Week: Where I have to wake up early and work
Favorite Sport: Tennis, Martial Arts, Olympics, Lacross, Rugby, Soccer
One thing you cant get enough of: Art, it's an addiction in life, that I won't berid of
One thing you hate more than anything: racism and people who are rude, it's all about respect and good criticism is a good thing, as long as it's logical
A bitch? depends, but I do have a bite
A daydreamer? no, i think real
Shy? 90% no, 10% depends on the situation
Talkative? when I have something to talk about
Energetic? depends if i find the situation interesting
Funny? i don't know, my friends always laugh when i'm around
Slutty? no way, I know I'm sexy, but not cocky thanks
Boring? sometimes, when I'm lazy, mostly not
Mean? all I say, I'm very straight forward and blunt
Nice? of course I am
Caring? if I know you enough, but generally I care in a nice way, otherwise I can care less
Trustworthy? indeed, I try to do my best to fulfill what I'm trusted with
Confident? mostly, but maybe I'm modest, I don't know
Friendly? do you think so?
Smart? i like to think logical, but i hate wasting my brains if I don't find something worthy or caring for
Sarcastic? my humor is and yeah I can say that i do tend to have a lot that
Dependable? i try, i'm not perfect
Quiet? when I'm working or I don't know you, yes
Weird? definitely, in a good way
Adaptable? definitely, i don't want to be stubborn
Strong (emotionally)? yeah, i'm not easily offended
Strong (physically)? some things I am, i have a hip problem, so i can't do much as i did when i was young
Mature? but everyone has to be a kid sometimes, hehe!
Logical? i think so, but sometimes i just go for it, even if it's stupid
Religious? no
Modest? sometimes
Indecisive? depends on what I'm doing
Sympathetic? depends, I can be merciless
Polite? generally, but if I get angry, I have fangs
Creative? always
Fun to be around? i think so, my friends always miss me when I'm not around
Loveable? maybe?
Easily Amused? hahaha! yes, I laugh at anything that I find interesting
Outgoing? yes
Daring? yes
Clumsy? indeed, hahaha!
Nosy? i can be, but I'm respectful
Lazy? always, but i do my work when it's needed or when i'm inspired
Scary? maybe, but awe I can be a teddybear!
Optimistic? i try
Persuasive? hahaha! when i really want something, yes
A good listener? yes
Curious? yes
Determined? depends on my mood
Artistic? yes
Honest? yes
Respectful? yes
Concieted? hahaha! just for a kick
Cocky? no
Controlling? i hate that
Playful? yes
Easygoing? yes
Carefree? yes
Hot Headed? i can be
Serious? not too serious, life won't be fun if you are too serious
Thoughtful? yes
Considerate? yes
Stubborn? i can be
Romantic? hahaha! depends
Ambitious? yes
Jealous? yes, but I try to do what I can about it
Insecure? no
Obsessive? when I like something, I'm a perfectionist
Attentive? kind of
Helpful? I try
Rational? I'm very resourceful RECYCLE BABY!
Sincere? yes
Tolerant? yes, but depends, I'm opinionated at times

I play the guitar and art is my passion and life, I enjoy learning new styles, but maintain my own style. I love anything unique and weird, I enjoy horror films, I'm a food junkie, I'm kind of a computer geek, and I watch educational television. Generally, I'm opened to anything and I love to get to know the world, that way I learn something new and become inspired to do what I'm doing. Any other question, you can drop me a message anytime, thanks.


PS: I have myspace/facebook/cyworld ... just ask if you want to talk to or add me


Favourite genre of music: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Experimental, Indies, 80s, Punk Rock, Variety
MP3 player of choice: Ipod, Itunes
Favourite cartoon character: Yaoi! HAHAHA!
Personal Quote: Creativity & Inspiration makes a great artist
[NOTICE OF THE DAY]: For now, I'm working on everything to get together. I have plans to make more organization, to take pictures of my work and to show to all of you what is it that I can do. So, sorry if my page is blank and everything, it's all still under construction.

[CURRENT PROJECT]: Working on a BJD doll and Plushie. Please look forward to it <3

As quoted directly from my profile, that is what's up and why the page is so blank. I plan on doing more things and selling some of my work on here too, so look forward to that as well, thanks!
  • Listening to: Blood - L'irreparable
  • Watching: Good Eats on Food Network


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